Enhance and Protect: Why Exterior Painting Should Be on Your Summer To-Do List

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Seattle’s summer means less chance of rain, and for a city frequented by rainfall, this season offers the elusive opportunity for exterior house painting.

However, since summer is just a few leaves on the calendar, it is crucial to plan your painting project well. Hiring an experienced local painter can also make the task more efficient, ensuring you’ll have a fresh-looking facade before summer ends.

This blog explores why you should paint your exterior walls this summer, its benefits, and how local exterior home painters can help.

Why Paint Your Home Exterior This Summer

It is not a coincidence that your neighbors are repainting or remodeling their home exterior as of late. Many homeowners in Seattle prefer to beautify their outdoor spaces during summer. Here are some of the reasons why:

Optimal Weather Conditions: Paint requires dry conditions to cure properly, and rain can cause delays or affect the quality of the finish. The reduced likelihood of rain and higher temperatures help ensure the paint adheres well and dries uniformly.

Extended Daylight Hours: Longer days provide more daylight, allowing painters to work longer hours and potentially complete the job more quickly. This efficiency can be particularly beneficial if the project is large or multiple coats are needed.

Temperature Stability: Paint generally performs best within a certain temperature range, often between 50°F and 85°F. Seattle’s summer temperatures typically fall within this range, providing a stable environment for the paint to cure.

Lower Humidity: High humidity can interfere with the paint’s drying process. Summer months in Seattle generally have lower humidity than the rest of the year, allowing the paint to dry and cure more effectively.

Convenient Timing for Homeowners: Many homeowners find summer a more convenient time for home improvement projects. Families may be away on vacation, meaning fewer disruptions and the generally pleasant weather can make managing outdoor activities and supervision easier.

Benefits of Painting Your Home Exterior This Summer

Apart from the perfect opportunity to put your painting plans into action, exterior home painting in summer also offers a lot of benefits, including:

Improved Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint enhances a home’s aesthetic appeal, which is particularly beneficial if homeowners plan to sell. Summer is a prime time for the real estate market, and an attractive exterior can boost a home’s market value.

Protection from UV Rays

Quality exterior paint provides a protective barrier against UV rays, which can cause fading and damage to the siding over time. Painting in the summer ensures this protection is applied before the intense UV exposure peaks.

Maintenance and Inspection Opportunity

Preparing a home for painting often involves cleaning, scraping, and minor repairs. This is an excellent opportunity to inspect for any underlying issues that need attention, such as pest infestations, mold, or structural damage.

Energy Efficiency

A well-painted exterior can improve a home’s insulation properties, potentially lowering energy costs by reflecting more sunlight and reducing heat absorption.

Cost-Effective Timing

Contractors may offer seasonal discounts during the summer, when painting projects are more common, making it cost-effective for homeowners to undertake exterior painting.

Make the Most of the Summer Season With Hate to Paint?

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