• Property Managers, are you looking for a reliable company to power wash, stain, and paint units in your building?
  • General Contractors, do you need a skillful company that can perform carpentry and restoration along with a staining or painting job?
  • HOA Board Members, are the condos or homes in your community on schedule to receive deck staining or house painting?
  • Craftsmen and Handymen, do you need to complete a painting or staining project but simply don’t have the time?

If you are a Property Manager, General Contractor, or are part of an HOA and are in need of a reliable resource who can complete a quality job, we offer you a superior solution. Hate to Paint? Seattle is an exceptional interior and exterior painting service. We take detailed care of all painting and preparation; plus, we offer a variety of services, including repairs and fixes. Hate to Paint? will work to beautify the houses, condos, and other buildings as part of the schedule you require. We do the work, and you take the credit!


Why Choose Hate to Paint?

We offer both interior and exterior painting on a multitude of surfaces. Plus:

  • We provide excellent communication.
  • Our projects are on time and on schedule.
  • We stand by our original price. No changes.
  • From start to finish, our projects receive an A+ score.


Our Specialties

We service Seattle, King County, and beyond, and our specialties include:

  • Working with lead-based paint—we follow the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP Rule)
  • As part of the painting project, we replace trim, molding, and baseboards as well as perform carpentry and exterior restoration.
  • Interior and exterior staining and painting
  • Exterior painting, all year round
  • Older units and homes

Hate to Paint? provides all-encompassing interior and exterior painting and repair services. So, leave it to us—especially if you hate to paint! Contact us for a free estimate today.

Hate to Paint? Seattle Commercial Painting Services

Hate to Paint? can handle all interior and exterior of multiple units, like these four single family homes in Ballard.

Interior Painting Services

We prepare, restore, stain, and paint almost everything inside a condo or building, such as…

Using sprays or brushes, we paint doors to your specification to look as good as, or better than, new!

We perform detailed and focused painting work when it comes to built-in cases, shelving, and cabinets.

Prior to commencement of the painting project, Hate to Paint? will repair molding, plaster, and drywall, as necessary.

We take care of the detailed and intricate millwork, like trim, baseboards, and crown molding.

We prepare and paint any kind of walls and ceilings, including vaulted ceilings. And, no messes. Hate to Paint? will ensure that furniture and property are protected.

We specialize in flood damage repair and drywall replacement, and we use spray fine finish techniques to provide a top-notch and professional appearance.

We expertly remove stucco and popcorn ceilings to provide the modern look that the occupants desire. (Non-asbestos only.)

Allow Hate to Paint? to stain, varnish, and apply topcoat to freshen the appearance or extend the life of interior wood.

Hate to Paint? Seattle Commercial Painting Services

No job is too big, including these 33-unit buildings in Northgate.

Exterior Painting Services

We prepare, restore, stain, and paint almost everything outside a condo or building, such as…

Entrust Hate to Paint? with your power washing and mildew treatment projects. In preparation for a new coat of paint, we will rid the exterior unit of dirt, dust, and mildew with our thorough power washing service.

We will stain decks and fences as part of a project or HOA unit improvement schedule.

If carpentry work is required on a unit, we are able to expertly complete the task prior to painting.

As part of the painting project, if any siding needs to be replaced, leave the job to us!

Hate to Paint? will completely prep the exterior surface of the unit with any necessary sanding, scraping, and caulking prior to painting.

Before beginning the painting project, we will remove chips or layers of paint with our paint shaving technique.

Hate to Paint? Seattle Commercial Painting Services

A 41-unit complex with two different colors? No problem. We LOVE to paint!

Get a Free Estimate

Property Managers, General Contractors, and HOAs, if you’re in need of expertly skilled and highly reliable interior and exterior painters, contact Hate to Paint? today. Your project will be in good hands!

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