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Commercial & Residential Painter's Services are available in and around Seattle, WA.

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We are a professional painters when it comes to commercial and residential, painting. As Seattle Painters with extensive product knowledge, exceptional job management, we always exceed on every job.

Want a new, fresh, or brighter look for your beautiful home, inside or out? Planning to sell, move, or just breathe some new life into your setting? Look no further than the local Seattle Painters Service Need to make some fixes or touch-ups that your spouse has been requesting?
Ready for a brightened or finished look for your deck the summer?


We have the necessary licenses, bonds, worker’s compensation insurance, and general liability insurance required of painting contractors in Seattle and the state of Washington. Hire local Seattle professional painters that come prepared for residential, exterior, or commercial painting services.

We are centered on local sustainability and offering maximum value to our clients. 


We are a Seattle-based painting company and are unwaveringly dedicated to providing the best possible painting services and results to our neighbors. Check our work on our painting gallery projects.

Hate to Paint provides a full-service one-stop shop for interior house painting and exterior home services, offering the highest quality residential paint jobs in Seattle.

Interior & Exterior Painters

Seattle Painters Service | Professionals at what we do!


Residential Interior

At Hate to Paint?, we’re interior and exterior painters who LOVE to paint!


Commercial Painters

If you are a Property Manager, General Contractor, or are part of an HOA and are in need of a reliable resource who can complete a quality job, we offer you a superior solution.



We offer free estimates for all residential and commercial projects. Click here to submit your request for a free house or commercial painting estimate.

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Why Should You Hire A Skilled Seattle Painter?

You want to remodel your home, but you need to figure out if you should hire a qualified Seattle painters service contractor or do it yourself. What do you think you should do?

While doing the painting yourself could save you money, there is no assurance that you’ll be happy with the results. Here are the top 5 justifications for hiring a professional painting company.

Residential Painters in Seattle

Hate To Paint Seattle is a Seattle house painting service. Connect with us today! Call (206) 257-1955


Painters who work for contractors earn their living by doing it. They have more experience and are knowledgeable about methods that boost effectiveness and outcome. Additionally, they can devote whole days to the task at hand, enabling them to complete it more quickly than you could. Painting professionals can handle your painting project effectively and save you time and work.


Your painting project will turn out almost perfectly if you hire a professional painter because they are known for their attention to detail. They will make sure to fulfill your requests while paying attention to the little things you would overlook on your own. All of those are factors of which you should stay on top.


Paintbrushes alone are not enough to complete a painting. To paint a house, you need safety gear, caulk, and patching supplies. You may occasionally even need painting applicators and spraying equipment for particular applications. Professional painters will handle your painting project and provide beautiful results, giving your house a luxurious, elegant appearance for many years. A professional painter is a must if you want to ensure the final product is as good as possible because they will complete the work correctly and give you more time to accomplish the things you enjoy.

High Quality

The quality of a painting job completed by a professional contractor will likely differ significantly from the outcomes you produce. Professional contractors have much more experience preparing walls so that paint adheres better. Additionally, they are more likely to choose high-quality materials that complement your home’s walls. Above all, qualified contractors can help you make color selections that complement your environment.

Saves Potential Hassle

Hiring experts ensure that they have the necessary credentials to perform your job. As a result, you will be covered, saving you a lot of hassle. This implies that the painters can fix any issues during the painting process. You can unwind knowing that any damage is covered by the contractors and forget the costs associated with repairs. However, there are restrictions, so could you bdiscusstalk about this with your painter?

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